Look at all the pretty colours!

I have what is best described as a schwack of paint chips downstairs. I, apparently, have to have the colours for the basement chosen for tomorrow morning. Pressure is not my friend.
We'd more or less had the colours chosen before. I have a rich moody green picked for the back entrance hall, called Whispering Pine, by Behr.
Whispering Pine

The bathroom is likely to be a colour called Persimmon Berry, as found at Home Depot, but I think it's a Dulux colour.
Persimmon Berry

The spare bedroom will go back to the Revere Pewter I'd painted it just before Christmas. That leaves the library, which will be repainted in Manuscript by Dulux again. I'd painted it last summer, and it aided a very busy space to feel more serene. The sample makes it appear more purple, at least on my computer, than it is.
Now, white trim with the Manuscript or the Espadrille we had before?
Decisions...that have to be made quickly.
I've been trying to put together a colour story. I'm not sure if it's working, but somehow I feel more confident about the whole affair after seeing what we've chosen above.

But the laundry room awaits... sigh.


  1. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your choices on the walls :)

  2. Soon! I've had a number of misadventures getting everything back together, but as recently as today there were people putting baseboards back in.


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