Spray Paint to the Rescue?

Because this house is largely a disaster (he said affectionately) I tend to get ahead of myself with projects. For some reason (I am likely to blame) projects move at a snails pace around here. I moved into this house coming on nine years ago. I thought I would have it done by now. That hasn't happened, by a long shot.

So, I tend to obsess about little projects. For example, I am currently wondering how I can transform my excellent and perfectly serviceable coffee maker, a Cuisinart Grind and Brew into something that actually matches my world. I am not a great fan of stainless steel appliances. I suspect at some point in the future they will be the harvest gold of the appliance world. However, that's not the point here.
You see, the coffee maker currently sits right beside my new favourite thing ever, a Kitchen Aid Professional mixer in Tangerine. So, the two don't match at all. Do I paint the coffee maker, or just get over it? And in case you were wondering, yes. The drama in my life is largely self inflicted.

image courtesy of Amazon.ca

Image courtesy of Amazon.ca

What would you do? Would you do anything? Or just wish that you didn't fall in love with an off coloured Kitchen Aid? 


  1. It wouldn't bother me to leave it stainless. It looks like your new mixer has a stainless bowl, so that matches. There are orange Keurigs.....


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