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Room for different tastes? Or different spouses in different houses?

So, it has obviously been quiet in these parts for a while, but the fire for design still burns. Ok, that sounds terrible, and a bit like something that necessitates treatment with a topical ointment.

The house is still under quiet slow renovation. This summer we decided that rather than continuing to live with gold veined countertops that may be original to the 1962 or 1965 build of this house, we would at the very least do something of a kitchen revamp. Overall, that has gone well, as I have taken the lead and gotten pretty much anything I wanted so far, within the realm of possibility (what I choose actually exists on Earth) and no budget whatsoever. Picking new counter tops has become the bane of my existence, and I am inordinately tempted to purchase a few sheets of plywood, slap them down, and call it a new trend.

New this season! Despair! Angst!

I am grateful that Ryan has more or less given me control of this project, realizing my day job is just not fulfilling my creative side. …

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