Progress at a glacial pace, as always.

Insurance. Ugh.

So we finally have a total approved for the basement rebuild. It's just pennies shy of $29,000.
So, we have to start picking things out. We're tossing around the idea of doing black and white floor tiles, laid on a diagonal throughout the basement kitchen, hallway, library, and bathroom. The classic feel of the black and white is the appeal here. We're approved essentially for replacement costs, and what was down there originally was VCT tiles. I'm not too upset about that, as those tiles tend to wear like iron plate. However, I also don't want this no budget basement renovation to look like an elementary school. So, considering the options.

I'm not sure if I am really excited about that style of flooring in the library, which really has a gentlemans club vibe to it, and would likely decend entirely in that direction if I wasn't opposed. I just searched for a few images of formal living spaces with the sort of floor I am considering, and really didn't find anything.

Am I going the wrong direction? I would really like a classic feel for the space, with some leaning towards play in the kitchen/ games area, which opens into the family room.


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