I thought perhaps...

I thought perhaps I could start a feature in order to give myself some structure. While the house should serve as a life time of blog posts I thought I could start to develop a regular posting schedule. This may help in not abandoning writing for long periods of time.
I'm here in part for my love of home design, but also to develop my expository writing skills. I'm decent at academic writing, but as I have realized the career push I've been working toward for the last several years isn't coming, I need to blaze new trails. I have no clue on the direction as yet.

However, that wasn't the point of this post. A day late I've decided to start a regular Wednesday humour post, framing my twisted sense of humour. I've decided on "Warped Wednesdays" as a title. I suspect this will be the reason I never have any regular readers, but perhaps that's ok. I can post terrible pictures and hang out in my pajamas while posting. So, I'm blogging with the metaphorical blinds closed? Hmm. Good plan.
I don't claim to own any of the pictures, memes etc that I post. However, everything should be a testament to my warped and special sense of humour.


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