Ahhhh...the smell of a fresh blog.

So, here is a good question that I hope to answer, even for myself. Who are you? What are you doing here? Who gave you this number? All very good questions, and some I might even be able to answer.

I'm an underemployed man who has always wanted to be a designer. As life hasn't yet managed to toss me that way, I thought I should start wading through the metaphorical waters in that general direction. Maybe I was meant to find my way to a dream through some struggles? Who knows. However, I hope that this blog will lead me that direction and eventually become something more people than just my mother reads. Maybe a reader will find me funny. Maybe someone will be inspired to try something; to do something he or she saw here. Maybe eventually this space will be what I want it to be- inspirational and aspirational to someone else.

Men like to craft too, or at least I do. I can speak for myself only. I like to make spaces beautiful. I like to create home. I hope to stay inspired; to take risks; to face my fears.

I've had this blog brewing in the back of my brain for a few months now. I'm afraid I won't post anything of interest. I am afraid I will find my own writing juvenile. It's the blog of the wonderful and talented Daniel at Manhattan Nest that made me start writing here. I've been devouring his blog as of late, admiring his clean and mid-century graced style. I can across an entry where he advised facing fears and slaying the metaphorical dragon. How else can I do it but to start?

So here I am. 


  1. Schaughn, always remember that your blog is first and foremost for you. It's easy to feel very small when you see how many followers other people have, but just keep going. People will stumble on your blog, and if they like your voice and your ideas, they will follow you. BTW, I'm with you in seeing Daniel as a blog icon--Manhattan Nest is probably my favorite blog of all. Keep writing! Diane


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