So what if I'm late to the party?

Browsing through blogs at breakfast (alliteration for the win!) I came across a new to me website, Grandin Road. So, I have been busily devouring it's contents. I love finding a new resource for different things, home decor or otherwise. That's always been one of my weaknesses. It's one of the reasons that I tend to enjoy styles that aren't necessarily popular. I like having something different. I collect Chalet glass for example:

I don't know that I'm a style icon (not yet, but soon!), but I do know that so many different styles appeal to me. I think that's part of the exercise (exorcise?) intended in this blog. I want to find my style, voice, and self.

OK, so that might have fallen a bit heavy for entry two here. I'll keep the rest for later when I go into excruciating detail of how my father never took me to the circus, and my imaginary friends laughed at me.

So, back to Grandin Road. This Chloe Tall Chest has just the right everything to fit into my stupidly sized "master" (ha!) bedroom. The Crosby Wall Clock has beautifully over-sized dimensions and a skeleton style that I'm finding more and more appealing. It's as much functional as sculptural.The Union Square Office Chair is just something I want to work in, write in, admire. It's got such classic lines that I cannot imagine falling out of love with it, ever. I... I think I need it.

That's just quickly a few things I want from there! I am going to go and dig through the Christmas decorations next, and may  not come up for air for some time. Before you nay-say looking at Christmas decorations in November, I have to point out I am Canadian, and Thanksgiving was over a month ago. Bring on the fat man! No, I don't mean my uncle Stuart. I mean... nevermind.


  1. So, if I cook the Turkey on Tuesday, can I start decorating for Christmas two days earlier?!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you will do with your blog.
    p.s. If you turn off word verification, people are more likely to leave comments.

    1. I see no flaw in your logic, Eilis. I say go for it!

      Also, thanks for the heads up about the word verification. I dislike that myself. I think I've slain that dragon. I think.

      I have so much I want to do here, and lots to do in the real world, that I hope turns into real content.


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