Because this house hates me, Part 1 of many.

My world has been a bit overwhelming as of last. I had a birthday with more candles than I care to report, and my house decided to attack me.
More specifically, due to the odd weather Saskatoon has had this winter, my water main broke. Right out front. So, what's a couple thousand litres of water going to do? They are going to flood into the sewer line and then up into the closest basement. If you guessed my house was closest, you win. So, we woke up to find several inches of water and mud sitting in the basement of the house. It's just as lovely as you imagine.

So after calmly (not calmly) calling my insurance company and calmly (also not calmly) calling a disaster service to come and help, my basement is gutted. My insurance adjuster is coming on Tuesday to have another look at everything, and we'll start getting quotes for the rebuild. So, yeah. I have pictures on my phone and on my camera that I am afraid to look at. It's a little disheartening, especially since we just had Christmas down there.

The basement had been rented out since I'd purchased this house, but with changes in my life, it no longer seemed like the best use of space. So, we'd moved into the basement and enjoyed it. Friends keep telling me I get a new basement out of the deal, but with the terminal amount of chaos that happens on the main floor of this house I was pretty OK with the basement for the time being.

I thought I should dig up some of the pictures, so the eventual and soon reason that I completely loose my grip on things is evident.
That is not the colour of the floor, or of any floor I ever want to consider.
This is after the water receded a bit. This floor was just off white. The guck is mud. If it isn't, I don't want to know or think about it.
There is carpet under that water...also formerly off white. There was also an IPad on that floor. Take a guess as to how it fared? Is it wrong to have a funeral for a device?
Other end of the hall. The cats are confused, and frightened. I am with them on that front.

Granted, the library was still a work in progress anyway, as we discovered we did not have enough bookshelves. I suspect that may always be the case. However, I had purchased two more bookshelves the day before. They are still on the main floor, in boxes, waiting for this room to be habitable again.

I was going to post about this room on the other side of the studs. I finished painting it at four in the morning Christmas eve, I think. It's always been known as the "Ugly Room". We had guests stay over Christmas, so finishing the room was a priority. I guess we get to do it again?

Family Room, into the Library.

Bathroom. It appears a fence picket was holding up the bathtub? Fancy.
So there you have it. So, in case you find your home projects causing you to spiral into despair, fear not! You could be me, and your house could hate you.


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