We are officially a few days into the new year. Many blogs are doing a "Best of" series. Clearly, I've not been here long enough to do any of that. While I do have a room makeover in progress, I haven't started writing about the ugly room as yet. However, thinking about the progress we've made around this house in the past year makes me smile.
This house was once the ugly rental property on the block, in a neighbourhood that was once beautiful, went to the slums, and is on it's way back. I was looking for my first house, and despite this one really not being at all what I was looking for, fell in love.
My better half agrees with me, not having been a part of the house purchasing progress. This little old bungalow has a good feeling about it, and that gets better and stronger with each repair, each touch we add to it. It's a bit like the house is smiling, and breathing. It was never not alive, but is getting stronger and healthier with each project down.

This was the original listing picture. The blue with blue trim looked sad to me. The paint was peeling off in chunks, and the whole thing read "ghetto" to me.

 Even in Saskatoon the snow occasionally melts. There are so many more pictures of this house somewhere, but they are currently lost in the office, where plumbing has raised it's ugly head. So, with me sitting at the dining room table, I don't have a clue where to find more pictures of the house.

I have no idea why it seems I only take pictures in winter. However, this is a better representation of the colour of the house right now. The front door in this picture is dark brown, but it's been replaced since then, and is currently white. I think it will be repainted black in the spring. Right now, it's about -25 C outside, with far  more snow than this picture. So, no.

The outside of the house is again coming due for painting. I am thinking of a dark mossy green, with white trim, and staining/ painting the parging a dark charcoal grey. However, I'd love to hear any suggestions you may have! I have plans to replace all of the 1960's aluminum windows with energy efficient ones, and then have the house foamed and resided, but that's a few years away yet.


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